4 Tips to Styling Your Zoom Background

February 25 , 2021

A well-designed Zoom background may not be at the forefront of a successful meeting but it can sure help boost your confidence when presenting or bring you comfort during an interview. Something as simple as a personal, or colorful print on the wall or a throw blanket can be all it takes to add meaning and depth to the on-line experience. Preparing your space makes you feel ready for the meeting ahead! We’d like to think of this as a self-care exercise too, helping us elevate how we see ourselves and how we feel. So before you join that meeting room, take a few moments with us and style your Zoom space. 


1. Declutter 


This could be a 10 second tidy or a part of a larger house clean, but try to remove or organize anything that would come across as busy. Tuck your clothes back in their drawers, clear away dishes, stack loose papers, and untangle overlapping chords and chargers. Our spaces are multipurpose right now, but your full laundry hamper doesn’t need to make the Zoom call cut.


2. Pick Your Background

Here’s a trick for finding your background: open your computer’s camera so that you can see the frame of the Zoom video. Maybe even raise the height of your computer with a Sit Stand Desk or by placing something underneath. Once you see the background in the Zoom video frame, you can angle the computer to capture a particular wall or decide to relocate altogether. Capturing wall decor, or pieces of importance to you, can visually share bits about you with the meeting attendees. It may even spark conversation! With us connecting less in person right now our spaces can be the perfect starting point for connection. Try including your collection of books, a new Abacus piece, or a favorite picture in the Zoom frame.

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3. Add Something 

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It may seem like you’re doing all this for the Zoom meeting attendees but here’s a reminder that it benefits you, too. You’ve just cleaned up your space, organized your desk, and moved items that allow you to share your personality with others! You can even treat yourself to fresh flowers placed behind you on a shelf or on your desk. Why not light a candle? Grab one, two, or all three of the plants you’ve nurtured during quarantine to place within the Zoom frame. Choosing a little addition like one of these can make for a more calming, positive environment, not only for the viewer but for you.


4. Find your light

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Now that you’ve styled your background and created an ideal energy for productivity, let there be light! Lighting is a simple but important factor for styling your Zoom space. No more relying on the blue brightness of your computer screen or your ceiling light that throws strange shadows across your face. We found that adding a warm-tone floor lamp is helpful in highlighting your background without overexposing the foreground, aka you. When possible, utilize the natural light around you by moving closer to a window. 


How does it look and how do you feel after taking this time? Let us know in the comments section!

By: Rebecca S


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