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Abacus is committed to providing stylish and quality furniture solutions for those who need it. In the past few years we’ve seen the world become more nomadic, adventurous, and globalized than ever; people have more and more opportunities to work, study, and live around the globe, in a very non-permanent, no-strings-attached way. One of the greatest challenges that disrupts these opportunities are the complexities and inconveniences associated with furnishing one’s short-term or impermanent living space. Abacus is here to support anyone who desires the flexibility of “any-kind-of-term”, the convenience and affordability of swap various styles of furniture, and those who want to discover new, quality pieces without commitment. We hope that even on a budget, Abacus can provide you with furniture that you want, not just what your budget can afford. By minimizing up front costs for members, Abacus offers more flexibility than ever to bring quality, well made furniture into your home. Forgo ‘fast’ furniture that’s cheaply made and thrown out during every move, and choose from a selection of beautiful pieces curated and crafted by Abacus that are built to last.

At Abacus, we also desire for less waste and less consumption. We wanted to create a circular economy for the pieces we live with. We believe that furniture should be made to last in homes, not in the landfill.

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