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March 11 , 2021

This month, we sat down with Stephen Covic (@stephencovic) – one of Vancouver’s favourite real estate and marketing professionals for a chat. Stephen is a lifestyle influencer who moved to Vancouver from Toronto a few years ago and recently relocated to a new apartment this year. Join us in the conversation as we discuss his passions, his moving experience during quarantine, and other tips on styling an apartment.


1. Thank you for joining us, Stephen! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks for having me, this has been really fun and a cool experience. Well, I’m 28 years old guy from Ontario living in Vancouver. I work at a real estate firm downtown and run my own business and social media platforms. I also love interior design and gush over everything and am having so much fun putting my space together. The help from Abacus has been so much fun too!

2. We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed our service. How did you find your passion for real estate and interior design?

Real Estate has been around in my family for years. My family has always invested in real estate in some capacity, and we moved a lot. So I got to see the process of buying and selling a home. I think it started there, and it was always in the back of my mind, while I went to school and did other things. Interior Design is something I always wanted to do, but never pursued it when deciding what I wanted to take in school. But my mom would bring me everywhere and consult me with all home furnishing decisions. Now, my love for interior design is putting my own space together, and the odd client. I’m helping some people at work too. That’s been fun.

3. Speaking of homes, most of us have been in lockdown and staying at home for the past 12 months. How has the pandemic affected your way of living? 

It’s been tough obviously. In the beginning, I lived with roommates and I think I realized the importance of space very quickly. Before I was rarely home so it never bothered me. Once I decided to move out on my own, I had this urge to make my space cozy and comfortable. All this time at home, I wanted to make sure I had a place that felt like me, and a place I want to hang out at. I feel like I’m there, but I always want to change things and rearrange. But, I don’t think that’ll ever go away.

4. What are 3 must-have items at your home?

Great question! This is hard to answer because I have so many must-haves. But, I think; coffee machine, comfy couch, and lighting.

5. Great choices. We can’t live without coffee either. Do you have any suggestions for people looking to revitalize their space? 

Try to not follow every trend if it doesn’t feel like you. We’re in the creamy neutral trend right now, which works for me because I love those tones. But, know what kinda colors you want to play with and keep little tabs online. Pinterest is great for this obviously. Less is more too, I’m still learning this in my small space. I feel like I will need to get rid of some things to make the space feel brighter.

6. Absolutely! Clear space, clear mind. We often feel the pressure to conform to trends and society, but what works for others may not always work for us. By the way, congratulations on your new apartment. Can you share some of the challenges you faced during the moving process?

I did! I’m so happy in my new space. The big one is obviously furniture and everything being back-ordered right now. Working with you guys has been great because Abacus can help with the large pieces or any of the in-between stuff. Also being that we’re always transient, its easy to swap things, or return them. All through one hub.

7. What are some key elements you look for when furniture/decor shopping?

When it comes to decor items, I’m honestly a sucker just for, if it looks good, I need it! Not always buying things with function, but I do try. With furniture, I have a longer list of things I look for. One, is obviously price point, two, durability and comfort. When trying to pick a couch, I kept thinking I was going to own this thing for 20 years, and it can never look worn. It was my first time buying something a little higher-end, so I felt it needed to last.

8. You recently signed up for an Abacus furniture subscription and ordered 6 pieces. What about Abacus appeals to you?

It was the ease and versatility in the services. I do like to change my space quite a bit, so the idea of swapping stuff out was huge for me. I also like the larger ticket items, like a couch, can not feel as much of a commitment upfront. You can pay for something small and really get to decide if it right for you.

9. Do you have any tips, tricks, or words of wisdom for others going through the moving process?

Hire movers! I’ve moved so many times, you think I would have learned this lesson. But, I’m kinda frugal sometimes and think it’ll be fun and not take that long. It always does. Next time for sure!

Thank you for joining us, Stephen! It was great chatting with you.

Find him on his instagram at @stephencovic or at his youtube channel, Stephen Covic


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