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October 30 , 2020

Anyone else cold?

With Vancouver having dropped to -4C Saturday night, the third coldest temperature on record since 1984, the realization that winter is approaching gave us chills…literally chills. Luckily this Fall, we have been graced with crisp sunny days, leaving yellow and orange leaves at our feet and carved pumpkins at our doorsteps. As we begin to unpack our turtlenecks, toques, and heavier coats to prepare for winter, the reality of spending another season in our pandemic-adapted work and living spaces truly sinks in. Our cozy beds blanketed in down comforters are starting to look a lot more appealing, and we’ll surely get our money’s worth out of our kettles when we snuggle in with a cup of tea. But if you’re like us, reminiscing about socializing at a distance in Vancouver’s parks this summer, here are a few things to do in the city to make the most of the warmth left in the air, that will be both fulfilling and safe.

Despite the pandemic, Vancouver offers some wonderful cold-weather activities this month where you can explore safely on a budget. On Tuesday nights, you can explore the Vancouver Art Gallery during their ‘by donation night’ from 5-8 pm (book tickets in advance here). Right now, Optical artist Victor Vasarely has a feature exhibition, whose vibrant paintings, prints, and sculptures will definitely excite you and maybe even hypnotize you! If you’re a furniture enthusiast, like us here at Abacus, check out the exhibit on post-war British Columbia craft and furniture design while you’re there. It is sure to make you rethink your space and may even inspire you to get crafty. If, after your visit, you’re in the mood to explore more unique furniture pieces that are one of a kind, wander on into Visitor Goods on Columbia Street to see their rotating collection of vintage furniture—like the Red and Blue chair by Garret Rietveld, a celebrated, modern chair you may recognize from the de Stijl movement.

And of course, spooky season is upon us! This next week in Vancouver features activities that tend to be on the eerier side. Check out the Halloween Plaza on October 31st to grab some hot chocolate and treats, watch some frightening films at Cineplex—for just $5!—or experience a different side of Vancouver’s history with the Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour. All activities are following Covid-19 safety protocols. And if you’d rather stay out of the cold or you just prefer keeping your distance from other ghouls and goblins, create your own movie night with a screening of any of these various Halloween themed films. Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the rest of this colourful season!


By Rebecca

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  • Chris

    October 30, 2020

    Thanks for sharing. Good to see more local startups like this.

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