A Moment with Mid-Century Modern Design

November 29, 2020

One of the many things this Covid-19 year has taught us is to rethink our space. You may resent the pre-pandemic version of you for painting that wall

A Circular Solution to Waste

November 13, 2020

F-waste! It’s not what it sounds like. “F-waste” is also known as Furniture Waste, even though it sounds like a harsh swear word. That being

Out and About

October 30, 2020

Anyone else cold? With Vancouver having dropped to -4C Saturday night, the third coldest temperature on record

Friends of Abacus: Emily and Ben

October 20, 2020

From Coast to Coast, and back again. A true story. My husband Ben and I left the beautiful city of Vancou

In the Dog Days of Summer

August 5, 2020

Here we are, in the unofficial last month of summer, despite what the solstices tell us. While May, the start of warm weather, likens to the energy bu

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