We want to grow and evolve with you. Flexibility is an integral concept for Abacus, and we want you to be able to live with quality pieces that you love, without the commitment.

Join Abacus and choose from a wide selection of finely crafted, contemporary furniture pieces for your home. Your pieces will be delivered and assembled at a convenient time for you. Swap or return any items that you feel aren’t working for you, or convert monthly payments for your item(s) into a buyout plan.

We work with Canadian furniture companies that are known to provide stylish, yet practice furnishing solutions for its customers. These brands include Article, Moe’s furniture, Sunday’s furniture, Rove Concept, Effy Desk and many more.

If there is a product or brand in mind you would like to see us carry, shoot us a message at hello@abacustudio.com


If you wish to swap your item(s), please submit your request to support@abacustudio.com. Our team will work with you to coordinate a convenient day and time that works to simultaneously drop off your new item and pick up your exchange.

  • Swaps for item(s) with a monthly value over $119 will be complementary. Otherwise, a $99 swapping fee will apply.
  • We suggest swapping at the end of your current rental term, to avoid an early termination fee. For cancellations on 3-month terms, please refer to the FAQ that refers to rentals for less than 3 months below.

Did you find a piece that you can’t live without? Great news! Your monthly furniture payments can go towards buy-out and you’ll never pay more than the original retail price on any item. Retail price of product will be determined based on current retail pricing at the time of buyout. Exceptions apply:

  • If items are swapped, previous payments do not carry over to the swapped items
  • If items are renewed, previous payments do not carry over to the renewed contract
  • If items are returned, previous payments do not carry over to the repeat rental in the future

No need to call your local garbage disposal company or post your furniture online for sale when you’re ready to part with the furniture pieces. Schedule a return with Abacus and we will take care of the rest.

A pick-up fee of $99 would apply to all returns. Exceptions may apply for orders that include swaps. Contact hello@abacustudio.com for more information.

We suggest returning at the end of your current rental term, to avoid an early termination fee. The early termination fee will be either the lesser of the remaining payments of your contract or a flat fee of $299. For cancellations on three-month terms, please refer to the FAQ that refers to rentals for less than three months below.

No problem. We understand circumstances can change!

Early termination fee will be either the lesser of the remaining payments of your contract or a flat fee of $299. For cancellations on three-month terms, please refer to the FAQ that refers to rentals for less than three months below.

Pick-up fee of $99 applies to all returns.

Currently, we do not feature a plan that is shorter than three months. You can choose to have your items picked up before the end of your three month minimum commitment, but you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the remainder of your three months subscription cost. For example, if you return the furniture at two months, you will be charged the third month of your subscription.

A pick-up fee of $99 would apply to all returns. Exceptions may apply for orders that include swaps. Contact hello@abacustudio.com for more information.

If you would like to continue your subscription, you may renew it on the same month term, different month, or go month-to-month. However, please note that the subscription fees paid towards your original subscription does not carry over to your renewed subscription.

For example, if you subscribed to furniture for six months and would like to keep your furniture for another three months, you may go month-to-month or change your subscription to a three month term. If you wish to proceed this route, the fees paid towards your original furniture will be not carried forward. Alternatively, you may wish to buy your furniture out at this time.

No, the payments on one item won’t roll over onto another item.


While most of our items are brand new, some have been gently used and are given a second life. All items are deep-cleaned and go through rigorous quality checks before arriving at your doorstep. Abacus only features items that are designed to last, and we stand by their quality of craftsmanship, so no matter what, you can guarantee it’ll be in mint condition.  

Is your couch actually just a luxurious dog bed? No problem – our Care and Condition team is able to remove fur, animal hair, and drool marks without issue, as well as cover up small scratches so that they look almost new. However, excessive bite marks and severe upholstery damage may incur a repair or replacement fee, which will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  

Need help choosing pet friendly options? We suggest choosing furniture in durable materials such as a leather sofa or a jute carpet, where it’s easy to clean and maintain, and scratches will be less noticeable. Also, adding decor such as pillows with removable covers or throws can easily be draped over sofas and, if spilled or chewed on, are much easier to throw in the washing machine. 

Get cozy with your Abacus items – treat them just as if they were your own. Eat, sleep, play, and let your pets use the furniture. Reasonable wear is expected, and we appreciate you respecting the pieces just as if you owned them.  

This is always done on a case by case basis. We expect a normal level of wear and tear when items are returned to us, but deformities, deep stains, chipped wood, ripped upholstery and other noticeable damage may cause need for repair and refurbishment. All associated repair fees are evaluated on the individual case and are equivalent to the retail price less what you’ve already paid in monthly instalments. 

Abacus was founded to reduce consumption, waste and our overall impact on the environment. Sustainability and the concept of Cradle-to-Cradle is very close to our hearts. Any furniture items we receive that does not meet our high standards of “like-new” following our inspection, cleaning, and refurbishing process is donated to local charity. If and when there is an item that cannot be safely re-used, we work with artists, fabricators and other re-use facilities to repurpose or recycle the components and materials.

Delivery & Pick-up

We are currently servicing major cities in Metro Vancouver. If you want to confirm whether or not your area is covered, please contact hello@abacustudio.com. 

Delivery is free for monthly subscriptions equal to or over $119 (before tax)If the total monthly rental is below this amount, a $99 delivery charges will be added to your first paymentWhen you are ready for us to pick-up your furniture, the pick-up charge will also be $99. This amount will be waived if you continue your Abacus service with a new monthly subscription equal to or over $119 (before tax). 

During check out, simply choose your preferred delivery date and time. We’ll reach out to you a few days before that date to confirm all the details.

In addition to delivery, our team will assemble and place all of the items in the room(s) of your choice. We anticipate completion within one hour, but this could always flex up or down based on the size of your order.

To ensure safety and efficiency:

  • Please have a clear path in your home from the door to the room you want your furniture in.
  • In that room, ensure that there is enough space for the team to assemble and place your furniture, as we won’t leave furniture items unassembled.
  • If there is an elevator or loading dock to your building that needs to be reserved for deliveries, please ensure that you’ve coordinated these efforts with your Property Manager in advance.

Yes, you will need to be home to accept the delivery and ensure you’re happy with the items you’ve selected. We will require a signature on documents that confirm what items were delivered. 

Product Care

  • Wipe with a clean soft cloth and fluff cushions regularly to help maintain shape.
  • Professional cleaning advised for heavy soiling.
  • New, unwashed denim jeans may transfer dye onto lighter colored leathers, leaving permanent stains.
  • Contact support@abacustudio.com if you need cleaning services
  • Fabric – dry clean only.
  • Fluff cushions regularly to help maintain shape.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight, prolonged exposure will cause fabric to fade.
  • Contact support@abacustudio.com if you need cleaning services
  • Clean surface with a clean, wrung out cloth.
  • Use of chemical cleaners is not advised.
  • Contact support@abacustudio.com if you need cleaning services

Your Account

Upon check-out, you will be asked to review and agree to the lease agreement which you may save to your computer during the check-out process. If you did not save the agreement and wish to access it after your order has been processed, you may contact support@abacustudio.com and we can retrieve the agreement for you.

We currently accept online payments in the form of Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. Our payment system is powered by Stripe, an industry leading online payment platform that is both quick and secure.


Our delivery team will deliver and assemble your furniture in the room of your choice, unless contactless delivery is preferred. Contactless delivery means that we will deliver your items up to the threshold of your home (i.e. apartment lobby or front door).

Upon arrival, our assistants will give you a call to give you an update regarding our location. If you’re home and plan to retrieve your items immediately, we ask that you maintain a distance of at least 2 metres (or 6 feet).

If we are delivering to an apartment or condominium lobby, please coordinate with your concierge or building management team to allow ample space for your items to be delivered to the lobby. Please check with your building to ensure that they can receive this delivery.

Any unsuccessful deliveries will be charged the $99 delivery fee, requiring a rescheduled delivery time and date and subsequent delivery fee.

The majority of Abacus items will be delivered fully assembled, though some may need legs screwed on or other attachments. We’ll ensure that every item is delivered with all of the necessary hardware and instructions to ensure the assembly process is as easy as possible. If you have questions about larger items for delivery, please contact us at support@abacustudio.com.

Like any Abacus delivery, it is important to prep your home and retain all the necessary information needed. If you live in an apartment or condominium building, this may include contacting your building management team to reserve the loading dock or elevator, while also ensuring that your lobby is accessible and allows for large deliveries. If you need help or have any logistical issues, please contact us at support@abacustudio.com.

Yes, we require you to be available to receive your delivery.

Yes of course! We will maintain the same contactless procedures when completing these services. Please get in touch with your account manager if you have any questions or if the pick-up requires an in-home collection or visit.

We continue to uphold the values as outlined by Public Health Canada, and remain diligent in protecting our employees, delivery assistants, clients and the communities we operate in. In addition to the contactless delivery protocols outlined above, we have employed the additional following precautions:

  • Cleanliness and sanitation for all items, including any items that are returned or swapped.
  • Extra care for the refurbishment and cleaning process, requiring all surfaces to be meticulously disinfected with wipes or steam cleaning at high temperatures.
  • Equipping our delivery trucks with hand sanitizer, masks and gloves that will be changed between deliveries.
  • Instructing our team members to stay home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms. We ask that if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hold onto your furniture and reschedule your delivery to an appropriate time.