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Compact Desk to Table

Retails for $599

Starts at $25.00 / mo

Price will vary based on rental term

The Mini Flip is a compact office desk option which doubles in size to become a dinner table or larger work space. Made for even smaller spaces, this cleverly designed furniture offers all the space saving you require in a small, minimalist area as well as lending attractive lines. The mini flip-up console table-top neatly packs in and away for streamlined use up against a wall or sofa, or can double when opened as a working station or dining table. It only requires a few movements for the table expands to double its size, all in a flash with easy swivel legs and flip table top. From work-mode, the transformation to dining-mode has never been so easy to convert, nor looked so classy.

Seating: 2-4 people
As a console table: 90x35cm width – 70cm height (35.43 x 13.7 x 27.55 inches)
As a dining table: 90x70cm width – 70cm height (35.43 x 27.55 x 27.55 inches)


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