rethink rental

In the past few years we’ve seen the world become more nomadic, adventurous, and globalized than ever people have more and more opportunities to work, study, and live around the globe, in a very non permanent, no strings attached way. One of the greatest challenges that disrupts these opportunities are the complexities and inconveniences associated with furnishing one’s short term or impermanent living space.

forget ‘fast’ furniture

We hope that even on a budget, Abacus can provide you with furniture that you want, not just what your budget can afford.  minimizing up front costs Abacus offers more flexibility than ever to bring quality, well made furniture into your home. Forgo ‘fast’ furniture that’s cheaply made and thrown out during every move, and choose from a selection of beautiful pieces curated and crafted by Abacus that are built to last.

for the home.
not the landfill

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a whopping 9.8 million tonnes of furniture ends up in landfills each year. Abacus intends to help curb this number and counter consumption culture by creating quality pieces within a subscription model. By renting the pieces, you can test them out in your home before committing long term, and you are able to return and reinvent your space by swapping out components and pieces, meaning you can grow out of items without the guilt of getting rid of them.

Not only does the changeability of components and pieces allow you to keep up with the changing trends by adding or subtracting to your subscription, you can move freely and adapt your furniture to an entirely new space without the typically associated waste. We believe small, meaningful changes like these can challenge the big issues surrounding waste, sustainability, and our environmental footprint.